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We aren't a marketing company

We are a family of craftsmen with a proud heritage and a passion born six decades ago, a generation before our own. The clothing business, the apparel industry, the garment trade - call it what you want, but it's in our blood. It's who we are.

Our fabrics are cut by hand and sewn to exacting standards in our own factory in Guatemala, where the past meets the present, and tradition meets technology. Sure, we use modern tools and advanced machinery, but we apply the same methods of precise workmanship that trace back a hundred years. This combination of proven skill and thoughtful innovation allows for the highest quality, the greatest efficiency, and reliable consistency.

We are a family of craftsmen

While there are families that we're born into, some are formed over time through trust and respect. We embrace our differences and celebrate our diversity, not because it’s trendy, but because it’s what we’ve done for over twenty years. As part of our commitment, we work with industry-leading independent auditors to evaluate our Guatemalan facility, ensuring that we meet or exceed all current Social Compliance standards. We evaluate honestly. We improve continuously.